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5th Grade goes to the Barnes Foundation!

Julianna, Malina, and Isabella


This year, the 5th graders went on a trip on October 30, 2019. Only the class 205 and 206 went. Also, they picked 5 kids in 103 and 5 kids in 207 to go with them.

Two members of City Year went too. We took pictures as well.

Basically the trip is an art museum, The Barnes Foundation.

We went on the trip and the staff was very nice and allowed us to take pictures!

Note from photographer, Malina: “The photos might be blurry because I had to rush `cause we were going up a stairway."

We interviewed a couple of students and I ask questions about the trip, what they thought, and how it was. ( Many of them said the same thing repeatedly, we edited them for variety. )

Here are their responses:

S.W: “There was a lot of nudity. They had lots of food like chips, drinks, and hoagies!”

D.A: “They had lots portraits of humans, flowers, etc. The paintings had lots of bright color. Some were amazing to me!”

Half the artwork in one of the museum rooms.

E.D: “There was pottery and old art.”

J.A: “What I want less at the art museum is less nudity ( in an angry tone ).”

A self portrait an artist did.

F.J: “Paintings of animals. City, boats, and paintings of people.”

Mr. Jake: “Paintings of nature. A lot of pretty vibrant colors.

Little sailor boy painting.

Ms. Shekinah: “Chairs, vases, lots of oil paint, and watercolor paintings. I like how the paintings were big.”

They gave each student a card to search for a painting that matches the dull colors. These were watercolor painting. We found one that matched the card.

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