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Covid Vaccine for Children

by Lune Chhoun


In February 2021, I wrote an article about my opinion on children getting the covid vaccine. Now that it has been a few months and most of my family got the vaccine, my perspective on children getting vaccinated has changed. I don’t know how to describe this feeling that I had, but I just remember my dad telling me around February that the vaccine just came out, and I was freaking out, thinking he was going to die if he were to get vaccinated. I find it so interesting to think about how I reacted back then from how I feel now.

Recently, the vaccine became available for children ages 5-11. Prior to getting vaccinated, I felt nervous, but at the same time excited for my appointment. I trust the vaccine way more than I did before. I am expecting it to maybe hurt a bit and maybe get a cold after the vaccine. I’m still hoping I don’t randomly die, but I’ve changed my mind about people getting vaccinated because most of my family got it. They seemed perfectly fine afterwards, which made me gain my trust. When I got vaccinated, the needle did hurt a bit, but other than that everything was okay. I was expecting to get sick, but I didn’t. I’m guessing that I did not get sick because children get one-third of the adult dose. It could also depend on my body. The more that I realize it, other people around my age have similar feelings on how I felt about the vaccine. I was scared of what would happen after getting vaccinated and all the side effects (would it hurt, would you die, would you get an allergic reaction, etc.) There are children that have the same worries as me, and some others have different worries. For example, there were rumors on social media about having a chip inside the vaccine and people would be getting tracked, which is not true at all. My advice to people who have these worries is to ease their anxiety by doing some research. You could just do simple research, you don’t need to go too deep into it, you could find news sites that are trustworthy. You should talk to your friends and family about the benefits of the vaccine as well. In my case, I talked to my family about it and they showed me how the vaccine was harmless. I recommend getting the vaccine for the sake of getting rid of this worldwide pandemic.

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