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Should Children Get the COVID Vaccine?



As most of you might know, there’s two Covid vaccines, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. In my opinion, I think adults should get it but not children. I’m just not ready to get the vaccine.

Healthcare workers are required to get vaccinated. I know someone who is a healthcare worker and has gotten the vaccine. She told me her experience, and she said it was very painful. She felt a bit anxious before getting it. Her arm hurt for about a couple of days. She got vaccinated at the hospital she works, and she has recently gotten the second one. She has been fine so far, nothing much.

My dad also got the vaccine and he was excited. He said after he got it, it wasn’t painful. They made him sit down and wait for about 15 minutes to see how he reacts to it.

Picture of vial of example Covid Vaccine

I don’t think children should get the vaccine because there is a possibility that it would be painful. Some children are impatient, so waiting in a room after being vaccinated and just wandering around with pain in your arm would probably be a bit crazy. Just imagine, hearing a kid screaming and running around in a room after getting the vaccine. Plus, there are side effects, such as headaches, nausea, and dizziness. It could even be worse because it reacts differently to some people.

Some people might say “all children should be vaccinated in order to protect them, their families, and their schoolmates from Covid,” or “children get vaccines all the time and it works out fine, why would this be different?” Well, even if kids can’t get vaccinated don’t forget that adults still can. If teachers at schools and adults at home can get vaccinated, it will still slow down the spread because the people around are less likely to catch Covid. Also, I know that children get vaccinated all the time and it works out perfectly fine, but vaccines react differently on everyone.

So, should children get the COVID vaccine? In my opinion, probably not because there are side effects, some children may be impatient, and because, from what I’ve heard, it can be painful.

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