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Art and Music Night

Updated: Mar 19, 2019



Art and Music Night at Onley El. is very popular. It took place on February 28, 2019. It showed off the art students made, and it lets them perform the music they’ve been practicing. It also has free food, karaoke, and you can try to play instruments. This year, we had a Black History Month presentation, led by City Year’s Ms. Sparkle.

This year, we had over 350 people attend. Art and Music Night was run by Ms. Lansang, Ms. Bissell, and Ms. Donohue, and there were many students helping, from grades 2 through 8. They also had face painting, drawing, origami, and kids could play with Play-Doh. In the halls, there were student paintings and drawings, from all grades. The picture above is a station that explains the role of an artist. Ms. Donohue made the string background and students during Art and Music Night wrote all the post-it notes explaining the topic.

Art made by the students during Art and Music Night.

Even though this year’s Art and Music Night passed, make sure you come next year!

Art made kindergarten and first grade students.

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