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Elementary Survey



A few weeks ago, I made a little survey and I (personally) think they are really good. Here is my survey:

1) What (in your opinion) do you think our school, Olney Elementary, needs to make it better?

2) Why do we need homework?

3) How long have you have worked at Olney?

4) What was the best day you had at Olney?

Two weeks later, I went and surveyed to a few staff members and here is what there answers were:

Mr. Yocum: 1. More teachers

2. Reinforce our mind

3 .Since 2006

4. Can’t answer

Ms. Bissell: 1. more respect

2. To really learn skills

3. 3 years

4. Trip to Art Museum

Mr. Roth: 1. A real gym

2. Reading is more important

3. 5 years

4. 2017 art/music night

Mrs. Zayas: 1. Update the school

2. Review class work

3. 25 years

4. Every day

Ms. Elwell: 1. More tech

2. To review class work

3. 2 years

4. Trip to franklin institute

Mrs. Palazzolo: 1. Build a new school

2. To review class work

3. 14 year

4. Personal relationships with kids and their parents

Ms .Ostertag: 1. Just the way it is

2. Reinforce what we learned

3. 14 years

4. Most days

Ms. Jenkins: 1. One building

2. Helps practice

3. 1 year

4. Trip to zoo

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