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Slang Dictionary



Hello teachers, parents, and students! This is the slang dictionary. Sure, you can just search up the meaning, but those come from adults. So, here’s a dictionary you can rely on!

Yeet - used when throwing something or when one is excited

Ex - “What? It’s empty! Yeet!

Sis - used when one is angry or disappointed

Ex - “Sis- I have no words.

- nickname used between friends

Ex - “Oh my god, Sis, I haven't seen you in like, forever!

Bruh - used to address someone when angry

Ex - “Bruh! You cheated!

Uncultured Swine - an idiot, or someone who isn't informed about about recent events

Ex - “Really? You uncultured swine.”

UwU - used when someone is acting or looking cute

Ex - “Aren’t I cute? UwU.”

Let’s Get This Bread - Interchangeable with “let’s get this money." Used when about to do something difficult.

Ex. "Yeah bro, let's get this bread."

Ex. " I didn't study for the test at all..

Don't worry about it bro, let's get this bread."

"... and I oop!"- Something said when one makes a mistake. Can also be used when you are surprised.

Ex. *someone spills coffee".. "and I oop!"

VSCO Girl - Someone who is loud. They wear very long t-shirts to hide the fact that they are wearing shorts that no one can see. They talk about saving the environment, especially the turtles, without doing too much about it. You might sometimes hear them say, "sksksksksks.." and "...and I oop!"

Necessary items to own: scrunchies and Hydroflasks.

Optional items: lipgloss, stickers for said Hydroflasks, and metal straws.

Ex. (see video below)

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