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Updated: Jan 10, 2019

By Talayah


Picture of a red tiger pin on a multicolored background
Tiger pin given to students given the Tiger status.

Being a tiger is a big deal for some people---just getting an “N” is a big deal for people. But how about to the kids who don't get to have a voice but only and always get a “C”?

Some might say that being a tiger is very different than becoming one. Some might say that being a tiger is way harder.

So now you are asking yourself why don't some of those tigers like being mentioned in a conversation?

So you might say “oh that's nothing,” but most of those tigers are the ones who are quiet and keep to themselves.

Now you might be wondering “how is it different to become a tiger”? Well I'm here to answer your question. Becoming a tiger is very easy. At most you just have to do your homework and turn in your school work on time and just be yourself.

Now you might be wondering “what is actually a tiger?” Well a tiger is someone who's outgoing, special in their very own way.

Now the good things about being a tiger is that you are able to get out of class for tiger socials and you get to dress down for free.

Now as you can see becoming a tiger is not that hard. So what rating do you want a “P,” an “N,” or a “C”? It's all just a simple choice.