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Mental Health at Olney: An Interview with Ms. McMakin

Katie Le and Renzo Mundo


Mrs. McMakin has been a Guidance Counselor for a good while at Olney Elementary. So today, we asked her some questions about Mental Health going around the school and Olney Elementary in general.

I got this inspiration from Ms. Castro before she had left Olney Elementary. Ms. Castro was covering Ms. McKenna’s class. The majority of the class had left for Ms. Lansang’s Theater Club. She suggested we should do a sit-down interview with Mrs. McMakin said that we should ask her about Mental Health in the school. I thought it was a great idea.

R: In what ranges of grades are you a counselor?

Ms. McMakin: “I'm the school counselor for 4th through 8th grade.”

R: How long have you worked for Olney?

M: “I've worked at Olney for 13 years.”

R: What role do you play when students come to you about their mental problems?

M: “ I provide support and resources based on the student’s individual needs."

K : In your opinion, how is this year different from previous years to this year's mental health problems?

M: “This year is unique in that students are having to transition back to in-person learning while still dealing with the stress of the covid regulations. Students have had to deal with stress and changes.”

K : What do you like about working at Olney?

Mr: “The school community is vibrant and diverse. There is never a dull moment here. I enjoy seeing the students grow and develop over as they achieve their goals.”

My thoughts on mental health have changed since this interview, taking one big breath was the only thing I knew on how to calm down in a mental health crisis, everyone always told me that if you take a deep breath in you’d be fine.

I learned something during this interview, Mental Health is a real thing and taking just one big breath isn’t going to solve all your problems. In order to help your problems you should focus on yourself, take a mental health day. Just focus on yourself and love yourself. Taking one big breath isn’t going to do anything but cause you more stress later. Focusing on yourself and loving yourself can help you more than a breath.

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