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Spring Concert



On March 22, 2019, Olney Elementary had their yearly Spring Concert. It gave the students who are in the choir and who practice instruments show what they’re made of. Mr. Yocum, Ms. Lansang, and Mr. Jeff put the whole thing together. Mr. Yocum takes care of the sound, Ms. Lansang is the music teacher, and Mr. Jeff teaches instruments.

In the future, I wish that a few things will be improved. For example, the performers were squished into the rows in the church they performed in, and their instruments were piled up in a corner. Other than that, the concert was great!

This year, a fourth grade class performed as well. The concert started with said performance, and then two songs sung by the Olney choir. It continued with two songs performed by the Olney brass and woodwind band. Then, the Olney percussion bands performed a song each. The concert ended with the Olney band performing a song, with one of the Olney students singing.

Next year, make sure to come, we have some impressive musicians here at Olney!

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