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Hello! My name is Lune and I use pronouns they/them. I’m in sixth grade and this is my seventh year at Olney. I have a few interests, such as lacrosse (I’m apart of Olney’s Harlem Lacrosse team), taking pictures of nature, and I also grew a big interest in writing. In the future, I would love to work at a big social media platform and have a journalist position. I am mixed with Cambodian and Chinese and I would love to write about my culture!


Hey! I’m Katie :). I am 11. I am in the 6th grade. This is my 7th year at Olney Elementary. I joined Olney Speaks staff at Olney Elementary because I am interested in journalism and photography, and I would love to share my opinions on the Olney Speaks, and how to help people from Interviews, advice on the website. I would love to motivate people, I really like to give people faith in their lives to do something. It's really special to join tthis teams because I like to express my feelings in articles. A little bit about myself is that I’m energetic and that I like to motivate people :). Lune is apart of the staff, and one of my support buddies I am very lucky to have them as my friend. I go by she/they.


I’m Renzo. I'm 11 and I'm in sixth grade. I'm a nerd for stuff like anime and video games. I like games like Siege, Gta, and Apex. I'm also on the boys lacrosse team. I care about issues like school conditions and mental health in schools.


Hi, my name is Jhosep, but I prefer to be called Alex and I’m in 6th grade at Olney Elementary. My favorite subjects are physical education and art. I enjoy drawing and a bit of running. I’m also apart of the boys lacrosse team. I care about the school's food and school conditions.

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Kahlee Hi, I’m Kahlee and I’m a 5th grader. I go to Olney. Last year we were number 1 and I hope we get there this year too. I need to do all my work and get good grades, but outside of school I love