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Interview: Ms. Banzhof



On October, 2 I interviewed Ms.Banzhof. She is not like a Homeroom teacher, she’s an ESOL (English for Speakers in Other Languages) teacher for 7th--8th. I decided to interview her because I knew her for along time and I want to know her better.

I know her from the After-School Program, which I have been a part of for 6 years. In the after school program, Ms. Banzhof will say that if it’s 60 degrees or higher, we will go outside. If it’s 59.9 degrees, we don’t go outside. I feel like this is very funny, but I'm mad about it.

Ms.Banzhof teaches grades 2--5 of the After-School Program. First, in the program we go to the bathroom. Next, we eat snack (which is nasty). Then if it is Friday we might go to the gym or, we do homework for about 45 minutes. Last, we go outside or go to the computer lab.

But if she teaches 2--5 grade in after-school, why does she teach 7--8 grade in the school day? Well it’s no reason that she teaches 7--8 and not 2--5, but I think she’s hiding something.

Zymeer: How long have you been teaching at Olney Elementary?

Banzhof: I have been teaching for 16 years (2002).

Zymeer: Do you know most of the kids and parents, are you retiring, and what do you like to do in your free time outside the school?

Banzhof: I know most kids and parents.Then, I am not retiring and I love reading and love to go to the beach.

Zymeer: What do you like?

Banzhof: I love to cook and love dogs.

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