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The Difference Between Virtual Learning and In-Person Learning



In virtual learning, you're pretty much staring at a screen for 7 hours straight. A bunch of people are now getting blue light glasses, which are pretty much glasses so you don’t get a headache from looking at a screen. My eyes also hurt from looking at a screen.

Another thing about virtual learning is that we don’t feel the school vibe. We’re not sitting at tables, desks, or talking to our friends because we have to stay muted during a Zoom or Google meet. It is important to have children socializing at school because it’s pretty much where they learn and get comfortable talking to people around their age.

During in-person school, we usually have a long lunch break and some recess time, but in virtual learning we have a very short lunch break and then we’re back in class. I think we should have longer lunch breaks to rest more. It’s honestly exhausting to just sit in a chair all day.

The last thing about virtual learning is that all we really care about is missing assignments at this point. We’re too worried about our grades because of turning in assignments only after a few minutes late. It’s very stressful to finish assignments on time. I feel like we don’t even care about learning, we only care about passing.

To make virtual learning better, I feel like we need more time to finish assignments, longer lunch breaks, and less screen time.

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