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Interview: Ms. Bissell

Malina Sey


If you didn't know, Ms. Bissell is Olney Elementary School’s amazing art teacher. A few months ago, she painted the front door and the door inside the vestibule. It looks so awesome, and she put a lot of work into it. I’ve had Ms. Bissell for a couple years now. I wanted to write this for her because she is a hard working teacher and women.

For many years, I have seen all the work she puts into being an art teacher. She works very hard to make her lessons exciting for her students. That’s why I decided to interview her.

I interviewed Ms. Bissell on December, 11 2019:

Malina: How long have you worked here as an art teacher?:

Ms. Bissel: “ This is my fourth year”.

M: What made you want to do art?:

B: “When I was in high school, I started taking an art class, from that day on I kept doing more art.’’

M: How long did it take to paint the front door? B: “Four days, aka forever”. M: What is it like to see all the students' art that you taught ? B: “ Hanging it up, and seeing how each one is different.'' M: How do you feel about your art? B: “It makes me happy, and when I'm stressed out, it relaxes me”.