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Interview: Ms. Costello

Keiry and Brooklyn


Hey! Keiry here! I’m talking about the brand new 4th grade teacher, Ms. Costello.

My 4th grade class was a lot of fun. Hope the new one is just as fun. For example, Math

Bingo, with Ms. Mathes, was intense fun.

Ms. Costello teaches ELA and Social Studies. Her classroom is in trailer 101. Ms. Costello began working at Olney in October 2019.

Brooklyn and I interviewed her on October 30 after-school. Here are her responses:

Keiry and Brooklyn: What is your favorite food?

Costello: Baked mac and cheese

K & B: Do you have pets?

C: Yes, My dog’s name is Harley.

K&B: Have you taught 4th grade before?

C: No, I taught 5th grade.

K&B.Do you like it here?

C: I love it.

K&B How is your class?

C: The class is great.

K&B What do you do during lunch?

C: I eat lunch with my grade group.

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