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Interview: Ms. Donohue

Updated: Oct 31, 2019



This is a picture of the girl's lunchroom entrance.

On March 5, 2019, I interviewed Ms. Donohue. She isn’t a homeroom teacher, but she’s assists with ms.Bissell and makes the school beautiful. I wanted to interview her because she makes the school beautiful.

Ms. Donohue is a prep assistant for Ms.Bissell, so she pretty much teaches every class that has art class. We have prep at the end of the day, so they dismiss us. If we do something wrong, we have to clean up the whole room.

Here is my interview with Ms.Donohue:

Zymeer: “What is the artist year?”

Ms. Donohue: “Artist year is like city year. It shares a unique bond.”

Zymeer: “what would you go by, Ms.Cassie or Ms. Donohue?”

Ms.Donohue: “ I go by Ms. Donohue.”

Zymeer: “What college did you graduate from?”

Ms. Donohue: “ Temple University”

Zymeer: “ Where are you from?”

Ms. Donohue: “ Abington, PA”

Zymeer: "What is your project about?"

Ms.Donohue: "To bring awareness from the lack of recycling from this school."

Zymeer: "What kind of art do you do?"

Ms.Donohue: "I do sculptures, construction materials."

Ms. Donohue's project poster

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