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Our Trailers Need Help

Julianna and Isabella


Isabella and Julianna inspected all of the trailers here at Olney Elementary School.

We decided to look into the trailers because we saw the trailer of our homeroom teacher. She is always apologetic about the condition of the trailer and the damages that we see everyday.

We found a lot of damages, and in this article we will share with you everything we have found.

T103, Mrs. Crane

We’ll first talk about Mrs.Crane’s trailer, T103. First of all, let's talk about the main damages. There was a leakage near the window and it hasn’t been fixed yet. If this window doesn't get fixed and water keeps leaking, mold could possibly form. The mold could give out a distinctive odor and if that mold keeps growing it could be poisonous to breathe.

There’s also chalk on the wall that keeps the trailer together and the chalk is starting to rub off easily. There is also a hole in the wall. There’s like an egg-like thing inside the hole.

Were not sure what this “egg” looking thing is. It looks like half of this “egg” is gone. We think it’s a spider egg, we might be wrong. That’s our theory, that'll be “unsolved”.

T102, Ms. Amer

Now, we can move on to Ms. Amer’s trailer, T102. So in Ms. Amer’s trailer, she does not have any covers in her windows. She also has a big hole in her wall that she has tried to tape together and glue it, but it didn’t work. Ms. Amer’s light, in front of her trailer also does not work.

T1014, Ms. Jenkins

Now, we can move on to Ms. Jenkins trailer, T1040, and let me tell you, her trailer is not good. So, first Ms. Jenkins has a little hole in her wall. The hole is not much of a problem, but she did say she wanted it fixed. Next, she has an ENORMOUS hole in her floor that leads to the outside. there is a pencil stuck in the hole.

T101, Ms. Costello

Let’s finally talk about Ms.Costello’s trailer, T101. So the first and only damage in her trailer is that she has a little chips of paint missing.

Why should they get fixed?

These damages should be fixed because, it might be unwelcoming to parents who are thinking about sending their children to Olney Elementary. Not just the parents, but the children might not feel like they are in a safe environment. The students in Mrs. Crane, and Ms. Jenkins's classrooms might not feel comfortable in a place that they are supposed to be comfortable in.

It should feel like a nice, safe, and comfortable place to learn, but, sadly, it’s not feeling like that in the trailers. The trailers have holes, chipped paint, missing wallpaper, water leaks, and missing parts of the wall. It’s really not safe or comfortable place to stay in for hours.

Who should fix it?

We estimate the trailers will cost about $25,000 to fix. Why is our goal so high? It’s because for about each small hole in the wall, it may cost about $150 to $250. For a big hole it costs about $500 to $1,000. Let’s not forget about Ms. Jenkins’s hole in her floor. It could cost about $1,000 to $3,000. Yeah, very expensive. We looked online how much repairs would cost. We took into consideration the size and location of the holes. There are about 50 wall holes in all four trailers combines, that we can estimate. Ms. Amer’s trailer also needs window covers, and Ms. Castello needs a paint job on her ceiling.

We think the school district should pay. We also think that the superintendent, Mr. William Hite, should help give money to our school to help the trailers. Some other people that we think should also help are James Creedon, Interim Chief of Facilities Management and Capital Projects, and Randi Klien-Davila, Olney Elementary’s Assistant Superintendent.

These people should be paying attention to this because they are in charge of our school. They need to be more aware about the school’s safety. It’s their job to keep the school safe and running. They need to be more reassuring to students about the school’s safety and the student’s concern about the school.

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