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The Rating System

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

By Zujeily


Black chalkboard with a green smiling face, a yellow neutral face, and red frowining face

Here in Olney Elementary, we have a student behavior rating system. The behavior system rates the students on how they behave in class. This is very helpful, especially with special events such as Back to School Night, and report card conferences. It helps the parents know how their child is doing behaviorally.

There are four types of ratings. Positive, neutral, concern, and tiger. I will be telling you about them.


A positive student is a good student. This student is a superb, gracious, kind, and keen. They are helpful to their teachers, and they don't cause much trouble. They aren't tiger status, but they are still a great student. They don't talk much (everyone talks!), and they don't cause trouble. They are the ideal student.


A neutral student is okay. Neutral students aren't good, but they aren't bad either. They participate, but not that much. They talk, but not that much. They are in the middle. You want to strive for a positive, but, if neutral is the best you can do, it’s fine, because there are no punishments for being neutral. Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon.


A concern student is not the best. They don’t do work, they talk a little too much, they cause trouble, ect. This is not want you want in school. They are the worst type of rating you can get. If you get a double concern, (two concerns in a row), you get held back during recess.Sometimes, concern students get a behavior chart and behavior plans for the parents and the teachers to try to get the student to at least a neutral. Some students aren’t necessarily bad, they just need to work on, say talking, a bit more.


A tiger is one of the best ratings you can get. A tiger is a great student. You can always count on a tiger to do something. To become a tiger, you need 8 P's (with the exception of one N) in a row. We have ceremonies for becoming a tiger, as well. You also get a pin that you put on your collar.


The teachers in Olney care about their students. The rating system is helps them tell the parents about how they are behaviors. It is easy to understand, and it is overall helpful. I hope this helped you understand our rating system.

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